Digital Library

Limerick City and County Library has been engaged in a digitisation and website project for a number of years and many of the materials and resources contained in its local studies collection have now been made available online.

At an early stage of the website project it was decided that the site would be content-driven. It was felt that using the site solely to describe the content of the local studies collection would be a very limited use of the available technology and, ultimately, would be as frustrating as it would be informative to the researcher, especially to those accessing the site remotely and who would not be in a position to visit the Local Studies Centre.

The major sources contained in the collection were identified, prioritised and gradually added to the website.This is an ongoing project, with new materials being added to the site on a continuous basis.

At your Library

eBooks and e-Audio

These eBooks and e-Audiobooks are provided for public libraries in Ireland by Bolinda through the Borrow Box service. With your Limerick Library card you can borrow/download these for free using the BorrowBox free app and your library card number.

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