Who’s Who of Limerick

A listing of notable Limerick people, compiled from the local studies and reference collections at Limerick Local Studies. It is not an exhaustive list but is fairly comprehensive - we consulted almost 100 standard reference and local studies works in its compilation.

Some criteria for inclusion had to be applied and, in general, we only included people who have received coverage in more than strictly local sources. We made one or two exceptions to this rule (e.g. Peter Tait was a figure of great significance in 19th century Limerick but has not been included in non-local reference sources).

See abbreviations list below for sources.

Top, l-r: George Alexander Osborne, Richard Harris, William Henry Harvey, Al Finucane, Ciarán Mac Mathúna,  Dolores O’Riordan

Bottom, l-r: Ellen Hanly (The Colleen Bawn), Frederick Langbridge, Kathleen Clarke, Michael Hogan (The Bard of Thomond), Mick Mackey, Johnny Duhan

List of abbreviations

AH – Analecta Hibernica journal

B(1782-1881) – 1782-1881 Beathaisneis le Máire Ni Mhurchú agus Diarmuid Breathnach
    Baile Átha Cliath, An Clochomhar Tta, 1999 0903758830

B(1882-1982) – Beathaisneis a Tri le Diarmuid Breathnach agus Máire Ni Mhurchú
    Baile Átha Cliath, An Clochomhar Tta, 1992

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BDIQ  – A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Quakers by Richard S. Harrison
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BDIW – A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers by Anne M. Brady & Brian Cleeve
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BDL2 –  Biographical Dictionary of Limerick, part II
    in-house Limerick City Library publication of 1 copy only, c.1975 (part I missing)

BOI – Bishops of Ireland 1870-1987 by Reverend Bernard J. Canning
    Donegal, Donegal Democrat, 1987 1870963008

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IM – Irish Monthly journal

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KOH – Kingdom of Heaven : selected juxtapositions, old and new, drawn from the permanent collection of Limerick City Gallery of Art
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LOHSC – Limerick : 100 Stories of the Century by Denis O’Shaughnessy
    No publication data available

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NMAJ – Journal of the North Munster Archaeological Society / North Munster Antiquarian Journal

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OIL – 100 Irish Lives by Martin Wallace
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OLJ – The Old Limerick Journal

OM – Our Martyrs : A Record of Those Who Suffered For the Catholic Faith Under the Penal Laws in Ireland by Rev. Denis Murphy
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PI – The Poets of Ireland : a biographical dictionary with bibliographical particulars by David J. O’Donoghue
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PPM – The Poets and Poetry of Munster by James Clarence Mangan
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RL – Remembering Limerick : historical essays celebrating the 800th anniversary of Limerick’s first charter…, ed. by David Lee
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SM – The 17 Irish Martyrs
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TLP – The Last Post : details & stories of Irish Republican dead 1916-1985
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UEGFH – The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Gaelic Football & Hurling by Martin Breheny & Donal Keenan
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VI – The Voice of Ireland : a survey of the race and nation from all angles ed. by William G. Fitzgerald
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WT – Worthies of Thomond, collected and edited by Robert Herbert
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WT2 – Worthies of Thomond, 2nd Series, collected and edited by Robert Herbert
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WT3 – Worthies of Thomond, 3rd Series, collected and edited by Robert Herbert
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WWI – Who’s Who in Ireland : the influential 1,000 ed. by Maureen Cairnduff
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WWW(1897-1915) – Who Was Who volume 1, 1897-1915 : a companion to Who’s Who containing the biographies of those who died during the
period 1897-1915
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WWW(1916-1928) – Who Was Who volume 2, 1916-1928 : a companion to Who’s Who containing the biographies of those who died during the
period 1915-1928
    London, Adam & Charles Black, 1966

WWW(1929-1940) – Who Was Who volume 3, 1929-1940 : a companion to Who’s Who containing the biographies of those who died during the
period 1929-1940
    London, Adam & Charles Black, 1966

WWW(1941-1950) – Who Was Who volume 4, 1941-1950 : a companion to Who’s Who containing the biographies of those who died during the
period 1941-1950
    London, Adam & Charles Black, 1966

WWW(1951-1960) – Who Was Who volume 5, 1951-1960 : a companion to Who’s Who containing the biographies of those who died during the
period 1951-1960
    London, Adam & Charles Black, 1966