Decade of Centenaries

The Decade of Centenaries was a commemorative programme focussing on the transformative historical events of 1912-1923, including the First World War, the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence, and subsequent Irish Civil War.

Decade of Centenaries Projects

Coordinated by the Culture Division of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media this Programme took a broad, inclusive approach to this period (during which upwards of 36,000 people lost their lives) and, using traditional and newly released archival sources, provided fresh insights into Ireland’s complex revolutionary history which acknowledged differing and, oftentimes, competing historical narratives.

Here we present projects for Decade of Centenaries executed by Limerick Libraries, Museum and Archives.

Limerick 1920s Symposiums

As part of its contribution to the celebration of the Decade of Centenaries, Limerick Museum ran a symposium late in each of the last few years of the decade, particularly focusing on the War of Independence and Civil War period. Many of the most accomplished historians of that time spoke at these gatherings, where they gave their expert take on the events, with a particular focus on their impact in Limerick city and county.
Series One 2020
Series Two 2020

This conference was organised during the pandemic, and while some managed to record themselves at our venue before restrictions came into effect, most of our speakers recorded their lectures at home.

We are proud to present this symposium, as it covers a diverse body of work by a number of established and renowned researchers.

A symposium on the events of 1920 in Limerick, hosted by Limerick Museum.

Speakers include:

Thomas Toomey – The lead up to the murdered mayors of Limerick in 1921
John O’Callaghan – The Death of James Dalton
Sharon Slater – Limerick Social Life in 1920
Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc – The IRA intelligence war, and the RIC’s use of a specific type of informer
Brian Hughes – The executions of spies and informants
Sinead McCoole – The Salesian Nuns in Limerick in 1920

Sean Gannon
Fr. Brian Murphy
Angus Mitchell
William O’Neill

Limerick Museum presents a symposium on Limerick during 1921, a period of war and turmoil both nationally and locally. Speakers include Sharon Slater, Fr. Brian Murphy, Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc, John O’Callaghan, Rachel West, Stephen Griffin and Tom Toomey.

This project is brought to you by Limerick City and County Council’s Decade of Centenaries Programme 2021

An in-depth examination of the year 1922, by accomplished historians such as Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc, Sharon Slater, Stephen Griffin, Brian Hughes and John O’Callaghan. This project is brought to you by Limerick City and County Council’s Decade of Centenaries Programme 2022.

A group of historians who contributed to Limerick’s Decade of Centenaries programmes over the past ten years gathered to consider various aspects of the commemorations, each presenting a paper and then participating in a final group discussion.

Presented by Limerick Museum and Limerick City & County Library as part of Limerick City & County Council’s Decade of Centenaries programme, 2023.

You can watch the videos on our Youtube channel.

Contributors to the 2023 Decade of Centenaries Symposium: l-r Thomas Toomey, Sharon Slater, Dr. Brian Hughes, Tanya Higgins Carey, Dr. Matthew Potter (moderator), Angus Mitchell, Dr. John O’Callaghan (not in picture, Dr. Caolfhionn Ní Bheacháin

Limerick Newspapers of 1921

The Limerick Chronicle

The Limerick Leader