Seamus O Ceallaigh GAA Collection

Séamus Ó Ceallaigh was one of the great chroniclers of the history of Gaelic Games. As well as pursuing his work as a writer, Mr. Ó Ceallaigh accumulated a massive collection of G.A.A.-related materials. He bequeathed this collection to Limerick City Library and the library has held the Ó Ceallaigh Collection since 1989.

He was Kilkenny-born but lived most of his life in Limerick. He was a prolific writer on all things G.A.A. and contributed reports and columns to newspapers such as The Limerick Leader and The Irish Independent over the course of more than 50 years, from the 1930s to the mid-1980’s. He was also editor and author of several important books of G.A.A. history.


GAA Journals Collection

The digitised collection includes over 700 journals, published between the years 1914 and 1989.

One of the most significant parts of the Ó Ceallaigh Collection is the collection of journals. The earliest jounal here is Gaelic Athlete with issues from 1914 & 15 and the collection runs up to the late 1980s. This is, of course a magnificent resource for the study of GAA history.

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Great Limerick Sportsmen

One of Séamus Ó Ceallaigh’s great achievements as a sports journalist is the collection of more than 200 biographical profiles of noteworthy Limerick sportsmen which he contributed to The Limerick Leader from the early 1950s through to the early 60s. This collection constitutes an invaluable record of the great individuals in the history of Gaelic Games and athletics in Limerick. This collection of biographies naturally focuses mainly on hurling and Gaelic football stars but also includes many of the great athletics stars from Limerick who were prominent in the first half of the 20th century.

Ahearn - Foran

Dan Ahearne, Athea (269 Kb)

Tim Ahearne, Athea (418 Kb)

John Joe Airey, Limerick City (239 Kb)

P. D. Ambrose, Newcastle West (296 Kb)

Paddy Barry, Boher (208 Kb)

Dan Begley, Monagea (372 Kb)

James Birrane, Dromin (167 Kb)

John Blackburne, Galbally (291 Kb)

J. J. Bourke, Dromcollogher (211 Kb)

J. J. Bowles, Limerick City (409 Kb)

J. K. Bracken (276 Kb)

John J. Bresnihan, Castletown Conyers (254 Kb)

Dr. P. C. Bresnihan, Castletown Conyers (257 Kb)

Davy Browning, Limerick City (401 Kb)

Patrick Butler, Kyle, Cappamore (356 Kb)

Denis Carey, Kilfinane (333 Kb)

Seán Carroll, Castleconnell (320 Kb)

Richard J. Casey, Martinstown (287 Kb)

Rev. William Casey, Abbeyfeale (342 Kb)

Egan Clancy, Grange (229 Kb)

William P. Clifford, Boher (351 Kb)

Paddy Clohessy, Fedamore (315 Kb)

Moss Colbert, Abbeyfeale (213 Kb)

Bob Coll, Dromin (318 Kb)

Owen D. Coll, Bruree (566 Kb)

Conny Collins, Abbeyfeale (308 Kb)

John J. Collins, Elton (382 Kb)

Jim Condon, Lough Gur (332 Kb)

Mick Connery, Kilfinane (294 Kb)

Denny (“Racer”) Connolly, Caherline (278 Kb)

Right Rev. Stephen Connolly, Meanus (363 Kb)

Jeremiah Coomey, Bosnetstown (293 Kb)

Michael Corbett, Borrigone (337 Kb)

Patrick J. Corbett, Commercials (315 Kb)

Michael J. Creed, Elton (344 Kb)

Ned Cregan, Monegay (329 Kb)

Micky Cross, Claughaun (286 Kb)

Michael F. Crowe, Ballysimon (180 Kb)

Mick Culhane, Glin (285 Kb)

Tom Culhane, Glin (422 Kb)

William W. Curtin, Mountcollins (205 Kb)

Denis J. Cussen, Newcastle West (408 Kb)

Robert J. Cussen, Newcastle West (255 Kb)

Dr. J. C. Daly, Dromin (404 Kb)

Charles H. Davis, Limerick City (362 Kb)

Michael Deering, Limerick (347 Kb)

E. M. Doody, Monagea (254 Kb)

Michael Downes, Kilfinane (627 Kb)

William Drake, Kilfinane (346 Kb)

Dan Duggan, St. Michael’s (1,422 Kb)

Edward Dundon, Crecora (603 Kb)

Ned Dundon, Mount Pleasant (258 Kb)

Pat Dundon, Mount Pleasant (188 Kb)

Danny Dunne, Ballingarry (278 Kb)

Jim Fahey, Galbally (794 Kb)

Jim Fahey, Galbally (264 Kb)

Mick Feely, Croom (424 Kb)

Aeneas Fenton, Ardpatrick (295 Kb)

Larry Feore, Kilmallock (350 Kb)

Con Fitzgerald, Glin (419 Kb)

John Fitzgerald, Bruff (344 Kb)

Jack Fitzgibbon, Knockacraig (363 Kb)

Paddy Flaherty, Rathkeale (364 Kb)

John J. Flanagan, Kilbreedy (544 Kb)

Tom Flanagan, Kilmallock (419 Kb)

Gerry Foran, Broadford (409 Kb)

Gleeson - Murphy

Bill Gleeson, Fedamore (323 Kb)

Richard A. Gleeson, St. Michael’s (369 Kb)

Stephen J. Gleeson, Fedamore (389 Kb)

Denis Grimes, Kilfinane (341 Kb)

Johnny Guerin, Knockaney (350 Kb)

Jim Hallet, Foynes (299 Kb)

James F. Halvey, Limerick City (414 Kb)

James (Seán Óg) Hanley (399 Kb)

James D. Hartnett, Abbeyfeale (737 Kb)

Thomas Hartnett, Newcastle West (165 Kb)

Pat Hassett, Ahane (324 Kb)

Michael J. Hayes, Lough Gur (263 Kb)

Thomas Hayes, Doon (181 Kb)

Tom Hayes, Young Irelands (1,859 Kb)

Mick Heelan, Caherelly (306 Kb)

James Heffernan, Dromkeen (354 Kb)

Seán Herbert, Ahane (282 Kb)

Tommy Herbert, Sallymount (258 Kb)

Tony Herbert, Ahane (340 Kb)

J. B. Hickey, Kilfinny (399 Kb)

Charlie Holland, Limerick City (329 Kb)

Willie Hough, Monagea (455 Kb)

Maurice Hourigan, Ballingarry (325 Kb)

Garrett Howard, Croom (346 Kb)

Jimmy Humphreys, Murroe (1,354 Kb)

Jack Hurley, Ballysimon (237 Kb)

Michael Hynan, Garryspillane (342 Kb)

John Hynes, Cappamore (365 Kb)

Ned Jackson, Kilmallock (688 Kb)

Bill Keane, Hospital (2,776 Kb)

Jack Keane, Castleconnell (495 Kb)

John J. Keane, Anglesboro (328 Kb)

Tom Keane, South Liberties (272 Kb)

John Kelly, Ballyagran (276 Kb)

Mick Kelly, Kilfinny (180 Kb)

Paddy Kelly, Ballybricken (335 Kb)

Paddy Kelly, Newcastle West (241 Kb)

P. J. Kenna, Limerick City (324 Kb)

Michael Kennedy, Pallasgreen (319 Kb)

Mike Kenny, Clarina (195 Kb)

Jim Keyes, Pallasgreen (306 Kb)

Con Kiely, Ballylanders (506 Kb)

Jimmy Kirby, Limerick City (385 Kb)

Ned Lawlor, St. Patrick’s (391 Kb)

the Leahy family, Cregane (946 Kb)

Con Leahy, Cregane (281 Kb)

Joe Leahy, Cregane (397 Kb)

Mick Leahy, Cregane (303 Kb)

Paddy Leahy, Cregane (392 Kb)

Tim Leahy, Cregane (336 Kb)

Tom Leahy, Cregane (378 Kb)

W. F. Lee, Castleconnell (1,890 Kb)

Pat Lipsett, Kilfinane (361 Kb)

Tim Lloyd, Caherline (192 Kb)

Thomas S. Lowry, Limerick City (155 Kb)

Martin R. Lynch, Caherconlish (511 Kb)

Denis (“Spencer”) Lyons (240 Kb)

James Lyons, Lahamologga, Ballylanders (297 Kb)

Anthony Mackey, Castleconnell (210 Kb)

Anthony Mackey, Castleconnell (216 Kb)

John (“Tyler”) Mackey, Castleconnell (1,028 Kb)

Michael Mackey senr., Castleconnell (338 Kb)

Mick Mackey, Ahane (6,710 Kb)

Michael (Mick) Madigan, Rathkeale (364 Kb)

Mick Madigan, Rathkeale (335 Kb)

John Malone, South Liberties (331 Kb)

Mick Malone, South Liberties (514 Kb)

Ter Mangan, Croom (382 Kb)

Stannard McAdam, Limerick City (277 Kb)

Johnny McAuliffe, Bruff (236 Kb)

Jack McCarthy, Kilfinane (304 Kb)

Tommy McCarthy, Kilfinane (402 Kb)

Jack McDonnell, Patrickswell (1,041 Kb)

Tom McGarry, St. Munchin’s (303 Kb)

Charlie McGill, Limerick City (426 Kb)

Pat McGrath, Lackendarra (426 Kb)

Paddy McInerney, Young Irelands (277 Kb)

Michael McKnight, Kilcornan (299 Kb)

Tady McMahon, Limerick City (336 Kb)

Jack McNamara, Shelbourne (315 Kb)

Laurence McNamara, Mount Pleasant (319 Kb)

Paddy McNamara, Limerick City (308 Kb)

Dr. John Meade, Bulgaden (238 Kb)

Tom Meaney, Bruff (351 Kb)

John J. Morrison, Doon (514 Kb)

Pat Mulcahy, Cappamore (404 Kb)

Mick Mullins, Kilbehenny (296 Kb)

Dan Murphy, Shamrocks (338 Kb)

Jack Murphy, St. John’s (313 Kb)

Mick Murphy, Young Irelands (219 Kb)

Nash - Prendergast

Paddy Nash, Limerick City (222 Kb)

Willie Naughton, Bruff (1,548 Kb)

Mick Neville, Kilfinny (459 Kb)

Dick O’Brien, Dromcollogher (347 Kb)

John O’Brien, South Liberties (335 Kb)

Malachi O’Brien, Commercials (570 Kb)

Mick O’Brien, Bulgaden (252 Kb)

Mick O’Brien, Dromcollogher (324 Kb)

Ned O’Brien, Galbally (1,012 Kb)

Paddy (“Twenty”) O’Brien, Clan na Gael (1,437 Kb)

Tommy O’Brien, Herbertstown (314 Kb)

Dan O’Connell, Ballyagran (200 Kb)

David M. O’Connell, Ardpatrick (393 Kb)

John O’Connell, South Liberties (361 Kb)

Paddy O’Connell, Mount Pleasant (391 Kb)

James O’Connor, Limerick City (349 Kb)

John O’Connor, Foynes (221 Kb)

Patrick O’Donnell, Bulgaden (255 Kb)

Bill O’Donoghue, Mungret (366 Kb)

Paddy O’Donoghue, Young Ireland & London (786 Kb)

Dan O’Dwyer, Caherguillamore (213 Kb)

Edward O’Dwyer, St. Michael’s (1,545 Kb)

Jack (John) O’Grady, Ballybricken (435 Kb)

Joe (“Twager”) O’Grady, Claughaun (335 Kb)

Ned O’Grady, Ballybricken (443 Kb)

Michael F. O’Keeffe, Kilfinane (473 Kb)

James O’Kelly, Rathkeale (197 Kb)

John O’Kelly-Lynch, Limerick City (321 Kb)

Rev. Bernard O’Mahony, Bruff (356 Kb)

Michael O’Neill, Kilbreedy (308 Kb)

Most Rev. Patrick O’Neill, Fedamore (294 Kb)

Simon O’Riordan, Dromin (166 Kb)

Mick Osborne, Ballylanders (260 Kb)

Maurice J. O’Shaughnessy, Glin (249 Kb)

Paddy O’Shaughnessy, Shamrocks (1,199 Kb)

William O’Shea, Ballingaddy (350 Kb)

Micky O’Sullivan, Ballyhahill (392 Kb)

Roger O’Sullivan, Ballyhahill (233 Kb)

Tom O’Sullivan, Fedamore (303 Kb)

Jacky Power, Monaleen (207 Kb)

John Power, Ballingarry (267 Kb)

Tom Prendergast, St. Michael’s (247 Kb)

GAA Books Collection

The digitised collection includes 20 books, published between the years 1914 and 1989.

Here we present many of the earliest-published books from the Ó Ceallaigh GAA Collection. It includes yearbooks and annuals from as early as 1907, the earliest comprehensive history of the GAA, published in 1916, as well as a follow-up volume to that history, and more.

See the Books at the digital archive

Clubs Files

These files consist in the main of newspaper cuttings, clipped and collected by Mr. Ó Ceallaigh. The clippings have been compiled into individual club files and digitised. These constitute a comprehensive scrapbook of information about the GAA clubs of County Limerick.

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