Obituaries Scanned Records

We have compiled all notices of deaths contained in the Limerick Chronicle (and other local newspapers) from 1781 to 1951. The database consists of death notices, obituaries, funeral reports and news stories pertaining to the death of Limerick persons.

1781 Thursday 22nd November, notices (200 Kb) – J (?) Evans, Limerick (?), father of Raymond Evans.
Monday 26th November, notices (224 Kb)
Monday 3rd December, notices (240 Kb) – William Massey, Stoneville.
Thursday 6th December, notices (197 Kb) – John Widdows, Bow Bridge, aged 75.
Monday 10th December, notices (204 Kb)
Thursday 13th December, report (203 Kb)
Thursday 13th December, notices (204 Kb)
Monday 17th December, notices (219 Kb)  – James Jones, Limerick (?), Edmund Butler, Limerick, brother to the late Lord Dunboyne. Mrs, Powell, wife of Caleb Powell.
Monday 24th December, report (231 Kb) – An unnamed sailor and an unnamed girl, the quay, in this City, drowned.
Monday 24th December, notices (229 Kb) – Mrs.Parker, Newtown, Co. Tipperary, widow of Francis Parker; The Rev. Thomas Magrath, no address given.
1782 Thursday 3rd January, notices (101 Kb)
Monday 7th January, report (190 Kb)  –  Mr. Derby Tracy, the Poole, in this City, drowned
Monday 7th January, notices (198 Kb)  – Mr. Andrew Lynch, no address given.
Thursday 10th January, notices (187 Kb)  – Mr. Hugh O’Keeff, near Kanturk, Co. Cork.
Monday 14th January, notices (205 Kb)  – Rev. Southwell Starkey, Dublin, Rector of Abbeyfeale, in this County; Arthur Vincent, no address given, son of Alderman Arthur Vincent, of this City; Miss Mary Hastings, no address given, daughter of Mr. John Hastings of Killaloe, Co. Clare.
Thursday 17th January, notices (203 Kb)  – Mr. John Phillips, no address given.
Thursday 24th January, notices (220 Kb)  – Rev. Mr. Robert Madder, Edinburgh, Scotland; David Wilson, Wight Field, in the liberties of this city, late of Ballyvoir, Co. Clare; Mrs. Walsh, Cragg, Co. Tipperary, widow of Andrew Walsh.
Monday 28th January, notices (190 Kb)  – Miss Lucia Ann Parker, Mount Pleasant, Co. Tipperary, daughter of Thomas Parker.
Thursday 31st January, notices (184 Kb)  – Ulick Browne, Rathcahill, in this County.
Monday 11th February, notices (211 Kb) 
Thursday 14th February, notices (203 Kb)  – James Honan, no address given.
Monday 18th February, notices (187 Kb)  – Mr. David Mahony, Thomastown, near Charleville, Co. Cork; Mrs. Chadwick, Ballinard, Co. Tipperary, wife of William Chadwick.
Thursday 21st February, notices (183 Kb) 
Monday 25th February, notices (202 Kb) – Mr. Michael Collins, no address given, member of the Royal Irish Volunteers.
Thursday 28th February, report (205 Kb)  – An unnamed young man, the Pool, in this City, drowned; Rev. George Massy, of this County
Thursday 28th February, notices (169 Kb) 
Monday 4th March, notices (127 Kb) 
Thursday 7th March, notices (172 Kb)  – Rev. Dr. Robert Clarke, Bath, England, Dean of Tuam, brother of the Rev. Mr. Clarke of this City.
Monday 18th March, report (230 Kb)  – A man named Kelly, the Canal, in this City, drowned, cooper.
Monday 18th March, notices (221 Kb)  – Mr. John Judd, no address given, apothecary.
Monday 25th March, notices (187 Kb)  – Mrs, Stritch, no address given, wife of Mr. Michael Stritch.
Thursday 28th March, notices (230 Kb)  – Mr. Peter Bell, no address given; Mrs. Ann Barrett, no address given.
Monday 1st April, report (246 Kb)  – William McDonnell, Parteen, Co. Clare, drowned, blacksmith.
Monday 1st April, notices (249 Kb)  – Partly illegible – Mr. John(?) Wall, Co. Tipperary, apothecary.
Thursday 4th April, notices (197 Kb) – Mr. Henry Christy, Shannongrove, in this County.  – Rev. James Halloran, Newmarket, Co. Clare; Mrs. O’Connell, Tulla, Co. Clare, wife of Mr. Bartholomew O’Connell; Mr. Dennis Goohan, Thomondgate, in this City, woolen draper.
Monday 22nd April, notices (228 Kb)  – Thomas McNamara, Fenloe, Co. Clare, late of Ardcloney, Co. Clare.
Thursday 25th April, notices (257 Kb)  – Illegible.
Thursday 2nd May, notices (170 Kb) 
Thursday 9th May, notices (269 Kb)  – Mrs. O’Brien, no address given, widow of Mr. Morgan O’Brien, merchant.
Thursday 16th May, notices (273 Kb)  – Mrs. Young, widow of Simon Young, late of Drumaneer, Co. Tipperary; Mrs. Carr, no address given, wife of Robert Carr.
Monday 27th May, notices (275 Kb) 
Monday 10th June, notices (224 Kb) 
Monday 17th June, notices (256 Kb)  – Richard Wilson, Dublin, son of David Wilson; Mr. Thomas Browne, the Parade, in this City; John Lysaght, near Mallow, Co. Cork, late of Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare.
Thursday 20th June, notices (247 Kb)  – Mrs. Ellen Flannery, no address given, widow of Mr. Thomas Flannery
Monday 24th June, notices (250 Kb)  – Tot(?) Furnell, son of Michael Furnell, of Ballyclogh, Co. Cork; Mr. Joseph Sexton, Paper Mills, in this City.
Thursday 27th June, notices (252 Kb)  – Mrs. Massy, no address given, widow ofRev. Archdeacon Massy.
Monday 1st July, notices (269 Kb)  – Mrs. Bowerman, no address given, widow of Richard Ringrose Bowerman of Moynoe, Co. Clare.
Thursday 4th July, notices (248 Kb)  – Mrs. Ormsby, Ballygrenan, near this City, wife of Maunsell Ormsby.
Monday 8th July, notices (230 Kb)  – Ann O’Brien, Dromoland, Co. Clare; Mr. Samuel Harte, no address given; Mrs. O’Halloran, no address given, wife of Sylvester O’Halloran.
Thursday 11th July, report (277 Kb)  – Patrick Mulquiney, in this City, fell from a house he was building.
Thursday 11th July, notices (277 Kb)  – Miss Mary Power, Ennis, Co. Clare
Thursday 18th July, notices (229 Kb)  – The son of Henry Ormsby, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Thursday 25th July, report (276 Kb)  – An unnamed man, Ball’s Bridge, in this City, drowned.
Thursday 25th July, notices (272 Kb)  – Mrs. Chester, no address given, wiode of Mr. Richard Chester, Burgess; Mr. Jasper Rourke, no address given.
Monday 5th August, notices (265 Kb)  – Mrs. Meade, no address given, wife of Christopher Meade.
Thursday 8th August, notices (253 Kb)  – Michael Scanlan, Ballynakill, in this County.
Monday 19th August, notices (277 Kb)  – Mrs. Ingram, widow of Alderman John Ingram of this city.
Monday 26th August, notices (228 Kb)  – Theobald Bourke, Killalee in this County late of O’Brien’s Bridge, Co. Clare.
Monday 2nd September, notices (245 Kb)  – Paul Fennell, Old Castletown, Co. Cork; Mrs. Harrison, widow of John Harrison of Aughnass (spelling? possible old spelling of Aughinish?) Co. Clare.
Thursday 5th September, notices (249 Kb)  – Mr. Francis Powell, Ballycorney, Co. Clare.
Monday 9th September, report (292 Kb)  – An unnamed male infant, Newtown Pery, in this City, murdered.
Monday 9th September, notices (292 Kb)  – Herman Jacobs, Singland, near this City, Consul to the States General at this City.
Thursday 12th September, notices (228 Kb)  
Monday 23rd September, notices (231 Kb)  
Monday 30th September, notices (295 Kb)  – Mrs. Sexton, no address given, widow of Mr Edmond Sexton.
Thursday 3rd October, notices (230 Kb) – Phillip McAdam, Dublin, late of Parteen, Co. Clare; William C. Odell, Curragh, in this County; Mrs. Kenny, no address given, widow of Mr. William Kenny of this City; Mrs. Singleton, Ballygreen, Co. Clare, wife of John Singleton.
Monday 7th October, notices (238 Kb)  – Mrs. Mason, no address given, wife of Mr. George Mason.
Thursday 17th October, notices (222 Kb)  – Mr. Jacob Taverner, no address given, one of the Society of Quakers.
Monday 21st October, notices (268 Kb)   
Thursday 24th October, notices (202 Kb)  – Mr. James Lewis, Ennis, Co. Clare.
Monday 28th October, notices (140 Kb)  
Monday 4th November, notices (245 Kb)  
Monday 18th November, notices (234 Kb)  – Mr. William Harrison, Master of the Exchange Coffee House, in this City.
Thursday 21st November, notices (167 Kb)  
Thursday 28th November, notices (138 Kb)  – Mrs. Ousley, no address given, wife of Ralph Ousley, of Dnumore, Co. Galway.
Monday 2nd December, notices (288 Kb)  – Lancelot Gubbins, no address given.
Monday 16th December, notices (275 Kb)  – Partly illegible – An unnamed girl, Sir Harry’s Mall, in this City, drowned.
Thursday 19th December, notices (272 Kb)
Monday 30th December, report (256 Kb) – Partly illegible – Mr. [illegible] Fenton, near this City, killed when a gun accidentally disharged during a hunt
1783 Monday 6th January, notices (187 Kb)
Monday 13th January, notices (261 Kb)  –  Mr. George Strean, no address given; Mr. Thomas Alley, no address given.
Thursday 16th January, notices (140 Kb)  – Mr. Richard White, the Quay, in this City.
Thursday 23rd January, notices (180 Kb)  – Mr. Mathew Clanchy, no address given.
Monday 27th January, notices (190 Kb)  – Mrs. Benn, no address given, wife of Mr. John Benn; Mr. James Wood, Newcastle, in this County.
Monday 3rd February, notices (192 Kb)  – Rev. Robert Minnet, Blackfort, Co. Tipperary, Rector of Tulla, Co. Clare.
Thursday 6th February, notices (183 Kb)
Monday 10th February, notices (260 Kb)  – Mrs. Widenham, widow of Henry Widenham, no address given; Mr. Francis Lacy, Ballingarry, in this County.
Thursday 13th February, notices (163 Kb)  – Mrs. Kenny, Ennis, Co. Clare, wife of Rev. James Kenny; John Roche, Dublin, formerly of this City.
Monday 17th February, notices (173 Kb)  – Mrs. Davis, no address given, wife of Mr. George Davis; Miss Molloy, Blackfort, Co. Tipperary.
Monday 24th February, notices (206 Kb)  – Pierce Piercy, Burgess of the Corporation and Surveyor of the Pool; Mrs. Ball, The Parade, wife of Joseph Ball.
Monday 3rd March, notices (194 Kb)  – James Mahon, Ennis, aged 82; William Ryves, Castle Jane, Co. Limerick, aged 72 [funeral report 10/03/1783].
Thursday 6th March, notices (151 Kb)  – Mrs. Byrum, aged 84, widow of James Byrum, clothier (?); William Donnellan, bookbinder
Monday 10th March, notices pt 1 (158 Kb)  – Sam Upington, Newcastle, merchant.
Monday 10th March, notices pt 2 (152 Kb)  – funeral report of William Ryves [see above, 03/03/1783]
Thursday 13th March, report (147 Kb)  – Rawley, child, mother, Mary Rawley accused of murder.
Thursday 20th March, notices (279 Kb)  – Mrs. Stanton, aged 104, widow of Richard Stanton; John Macnamara, retired teacher.
Monday 24th March, notices (154 Kb)  – Mrs. Jefferies, widow of Edward Jefferies
Thursday 3rd April, notices (229 Kb)  – Mrs. Stritch, Creville, near Limerick, widow of Michael Stritch, merchant.
Monday 7th April, notices (168 Kb)  – 
Thursday 10th April, report (149 Kb)  – unnamed female, drowned; John Callahan, drowned.
Thursday 17th April, notices (157 Kb)  – Isaac (?) Jaques, clothier, fell from his horse.
Monday 28th April, notices (150 Kb)  – 
Thursday 1st May, notices (151 Kb)  – Milo Bourke, Newport.
Monday 5th May, notices (182 Kb)  – 
Thursday 8th May, report (170 Kb)  – James Healy, executed at Gallows Green
Monday 12th May, notices (194 Kb)  – William Davoren, Ballykilty, near Ennis (seat of Thomas McMahon).
Thursday 15th May, notices (144 Kb)  – Sexton Rhone, Killaloe, miniature painter.
Monday 19th May, notices (190 Kb)  – Mrs. Fitzgerald, Castlekeal, Co. Clare, widow of Charles Fitzgerald.
Thursday 22nd May, notices (149 Kb)  – John Hallinan, Ennis; Mrs. McAllister, Meelick, wife of Alexander McAllister.
Monday 26th May, notices (150 Kb)  – Mrs. Parker, Irishtown, widow of Edward Parker; Michael Moylan, grocer; Mary Hemsworth, Gorteen, Co. Tipperary, wife of Daniel Hensworth; Samuel Robins, Hemingstown, Co. Tipperary.
Thursday 29th May, notices (171 Kb)  – Mrs. Connor, Shannongrove; Mrs. Maxwell, widow of Cole Maxwell, late of Riversfield.
Monday 2nd June, notices (178 Kb)  – unnamed persons, Newport, 3 killed when they attacked a military detachment that had confiscated illegal stills
Thursday 5th June, notices (133 Kb)  – William Joynt, chandler.
Monday 9th June, notices (149 Kb)  – Mrs. Houregan, Killaloe, wife of James Houregan.
Monday 23rd June, notices (184 Kb)  – Mrs. Hill, wife of Lancelot Hill
Thursday 26th June, notices (144 Kb)  – 
Thursday 3rd July, notices (198 Kb)  – Raleigh James, chandler; William Fosberry sen., Canal Mall.
Thursday 10th July, notices (162 Kb)  – Blanch Moroney, Parteen, widow of Edmond Moroney; Mrs. Mahon, Castleconnell, widow of Nicholas Mahon, merchant of Limerick City.
Monday 14th July, notices (163 Kb) – Mrs. Downes, wife of John Downes, grocer.
Thursday 17th July, notices (174 Kb)  – 
Thursday 24th July, notices (135 Kb)  – Mary Wilkinson, Birr, wife of John Wilkinson, apothecary; Mrs. O’Brien, Irishtown, wife of Thomas O’Brien, cloth merchant.
Monday 28th July, notices (149 Kb)  – Rev. Mr. O’Shaughnessy, Sixmilebridge, parish priest.
Thursday 31st July, notices (274 Kb)  – 
Monday 4th August, notices (93 Kb)  – Mrs. Cowney, widow of ? Cowney, late merchant of Limerick City.
Monday 11th August, notices (151 Kb)  – 
Thursday 14th August, notices (103 Kb)  – Edward Villiers, Kilpeacon, alderman and former mayor of Limerick.
Thursday 21st August, notices (211 Kb)  – 
Monday 25th August, notices (155 Kb)  – William Mullock, sexton of St. Mary’s Cathedral; Rev. William Buckner, Croom, Rector of Croom and Adare.
Monday 8th September, notices (226 Kb)  – Francis Wheeler, Ballyvior, Co. Tipperary, d. at house of Mrs. Massey, Dominick Street.
Thursday 11th September, notices (272 Kb)  – 
Monday 15th September, notices (232 Kb)  – Mrs. Considine, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, widow of James Considine, late of Dromadrehed, Co. Clare.
Thursday 18th September, notices (249 Kb)  – 
Monday 22nd September, notices (142 Kb)  – Thomas Monsell, Kilrush (Limerick?), late of this city, china merchant.
Thursday 25th September, report (169 Kb)  – unnamed male, Killaloe, hanged himself.
Thursday 9th October, report (163 Kb)  – Thomas Littleton, executed at Gallows Green.
Thursday 16th October, notices (213 Kb)  – Mrs. Coleman, St. Francis’s Abbey, wife of Ignatius Coleman, chandler.
Monday 20th October, notices (167 Kb)  – Mrs. Hogan, wife of Peter Hogan, woollen draper.
Thursday 23rd October, notices pt 1 (118 Kb)  – Richard Nash the elder, seized with apoplectic fit and died at the County Courthouse.
Thursday 23rd October, notices pt 2 (143 Kb)  – Mrs. Miller, Sixmilebridge, wife of James Miller, apothecary.
Monday 27th October, notices (266 Kb)  – Frederick Furnell, Ballyclogh.
Thursday 30th October, notices (254 Kb)  – 
Monday 3rd November, notices (302 Kb)  –
Monday 10th November, notices (229 Kb)  – Francis Hewitt, Sixmilebridge; Mrs. Lysaght, Sixmilebridge, widow of John Lysaght, late of Brick Hill, Co. Clare.
Thursday 13th November, notices (194 Kb)  – 
Monday 17th November, notices (227 Kb)  – 
Thursday 20th November, notices (242 Kb)  – James Fitzgerald, Sheperton, Co. Clare (d. at Ennis); George Gough, the elder, Mardyke.
Thursday 27th November, notices (219 Kb)  – Rev. Mr. James Graves, Rector of Croom & Adare (d. at house of Mr. Dickson, Tory Hill).
Monday 1st December, notices (257 Kb)  – Mrs. Gough, widow of George Gough (who died two weeks ago – see 20/11/1783, above).
Thursday 4th December, notices (175 Kb)  – 
Monday 8th December, notices (254 Kb)  – Michael Heffernan, Liskennett.
Thursday 11th December, notices (258 Kb)  – unnamed male, killed when a group attacked a military detachment that had confiscated illegal stills; Marmaduke Grave Russell, Lisbon, Portugal, Captain of the Tipperary light infantry
Thursday 18th December, notices (262 Kb)  – Tuthill, Faha, wife of Christopher Tuthill; James Bennett, Ballinstona; Robert Ievers, Athlacca (d. at Mount Ievers, Co. Clare).
Monday 29th December, notices (233 Kb)  – unnamed male, drowned